Got to animate this throwback style explainer with the talented and good folks at Brand New School back in 2018. Dre is just an amazing artist and director, and I picked up a bunch of lil nuance-mindedness (it's a word now) from Sir Peter Harp that I've been sprinkling into projects ever since. Indeed, they were quite the experienced and knowledgeable team, if I say so myself. Me? One-shape-layer 4 lyfe. You already know.
Momentum Worldwide
Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro
Managing Partner
Devin Brook
Head of Production
Julie Shevach
Creative Director
Andrés Rivera
Art Director
Andrés Rivera
Assistant Editor
Tyler Byrnes
Abigail Goh, Jesse Harp
2D Animators
Gerald Soto, Peter Harp, Olle Engstrom, Eddie Song
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