I'm a 2D animator/ motion designer/ illustrator/ designer, currently in the Bay Area, with 10 years of experience at studios, agencies, in-house & direct-to-client.
My tools of the trade are After Effects, Illustrator & Photoshop. I'm probably most helpful with vector path keyframing, but can handle pretty much all things 2D.
I'm quite fond of good story, bold design, character animation, animated type, faux 3D, shape morphing, time distortion, cartoon physics, dynamic transitions, cinematic camera moves, and anything striking with appeal.
Some clients, agencies & studios include Apple, Brand New School, Buck, Dress CodeGoogleGrandArmyHerman Miller, HUGE, IBM, NikeSibling Rivalry, and Wolff Olins.
I also like clear communication, solid process, good teamwork, rolling with the punches, and figuring it out as we go. 
That's about it.
Feel free to reach me at:

OK, so y'all still here? And wanna get all philosophical wit it? Then let's go there. 
The more I think about it, I tend to gravitate towards the idea of essentialism being the target (even if we miss the mark having given it our best shot). For a while I thought minimalism was the north star, and it's still wonderful & amazing when done well, but without first going all the way (aka maximalism) and then paring back from there, it's kinda hard to bring out the – wait for it – essential (I see y'all rolling your eyes) qualities & elements if you constrain yourself with imposing minimalism too soon early on, and you may not be able to discover those details that make a thing what it is in as few words, lines, beats, colors, notes and movements as possible. 
You know what I mean? Hello? Is this thing on? 
What more, if minimalism focuses too much on removal, it's easy to dismiss and refuse flourish, which might seem extravagant in some ways, but man do those flourishes make certain things come alive even if you don't pay too much attention to said flourish itself. 
Hey where'd everyone go? Ah well.
But. I do believe essentialism is perhaps what I'd like to infuse in any project I do. What's the least we need to say, without removing things under the banner of minimalism that in doing so would actually take away from what needs to be said?
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