"Google G18IO – Thingette: 'Useful'"
Back in 2018, got to animate a thingette for the 2018 Google I/O conference. Abi Goh designed some choice tools in the shed, and I made them fly-in for a gentle landing.
Produced at: Brand New School
Creative Directors: Jonathan Notaro
Art Director: Andres Rivera
Producers: Johnna MacArthur
Designer: Abigail Goh, Andres Rivera, Seong Yeop Sim, Tom Alex Buch, Gerald Mark Soto, Deekay Kwon, Jeff Welk
Senior Lead Animator: Gerald Mark Soto
Animation: DeeKay Kwon, Mike Costabile, Seong Yeop Sim, Tom Alex Buch, Eddie Song
"Google Sesame Street Counter" concept app
Back in 2019, joined the Google Creative Lab folks for a bit to animate a concept counting app featuring some of the iconic cast of good ole Sesame Street.

Produced at: Google Creative Lab
Designer: Jacqueline Pifer
Role: Animation
"Google Station concept app"
In 2018, I animated a happy macaque and a brolic bullfrog for a concept app.
Produced by: Red Antler
Motion Lead: Elias Stern
Role: Animation
Back in 2016, I animated some supporting animation for a Google Science Fair video. I went kinda nuts with the iso vector faux-3D rotations.
Produced by: Alkemy-X
Role: Animation
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