"Liquid Cube"
Made this in Feb 2024 in... *GASP* C4D...? As in... legit three-dee-3D?!? 
Yeah, that's right. What are you gonna do about it? 
For 3D experiments, I gotta write down my steps lest I forget, as it's still a fairly alien landscape for me. The waves are driven by a Field Force on a Plane Object using a Torus Field (...wut...). Rendered it out in Redshift, because I guess it makes more pretty colors than the stock renderer? Did some light comping in AE, and made a lil psychedelic tribal beat in Ableton.
"Animation Club 001 – 'Rippo Darling'"
In 2023, Elaine, Pedro, Matt and I decided to form an animation club and call it – wait for it – "Animation Club." We give ourselves briefs, and use group momentum to help us get across the finish line vs. our solo endeavors.
The first exercise was to come up with character designs, swap them with one another, and do a perspective run with 3 angles. I took Pedro's charming cube dude for the simplicity of forms, since this was my first real go at Timelord & PSD cel. And imbued it with some classic anime tropes, underscored by a hyperactive breakcore beat.
"Tour De Freelance '21 – Watt Boyz"
Chris Anderson put together this fun thing. My contribution was to have a beefy psycho sprinter go all-out.
Role: everything
"Training Mode"
In 2019, I doodled this character. Then in 2021, I got around to animating it. Wanted to see if I could make a robust & flexible character rig and push it to its 2D flat-on profile camera limits. Needless to say, I had to break the rig at every key pose change. You know how it goes.
Role: everything
"Super Reel Intro 2020: Dope Combo"
A moment from my reel intro. I just really like these 2 pixel bois dukin' it out on top of a building set against a melancholy sunset skyline, in all it's 16-bit glory.
Role: everything
"Back 2 Bits – Boy in Blue"
In 2016, Jerry Liu did a great thing: dude hit up some motion designers to make tributes for all the NES games we grew up with. I got to pick one of my NES favs, Mega Man 3 (still holds up). Was my first real go at pixel art via Photoshop. Mosiac in AE is cool, but gotta stay true to the grid, you know what I mean?
Organizer: Jerry Liu
Role: Design & Animation
Music & SFX: Wes Slover
"Mixed Parts – 'Evolution'"
Back in 2018, when Mixed Parts was still up and running (RIP to one of the last bastions for motion), they had some briefs for the community to have a go at. This one was "evolution," and that meant one thing and one thing only.
Role: everything
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